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Chubby Chandler

Q&A with Chubby Chandler

Chubby Chandler turned professional in 1974 and his first event was that year’s Italian Open, the same event that Seve debuted in as a professional golfer.  He spent the following 15 years playing the European Tour, which is a solid feat.  He never did claim a victory on the European Tour but he hoisted the trophy at the Sao Paulo International in 1985!  Chubby retired from the professional game in 1989.  After retiring from golf Chandler started his own sports management business.  Chandler’s list of not only golfers but other athletes in other sports is beyond impressive.  He manages athletes who play professional Cricket, Football (soccer), and Snooker.  His stable of golfers includes or HAS included the likes of Westwood, Clarke, Rory, GMac, Els, Schwartzel, Oosthuizen, David Howell, Simon Dyson, and many other fine players (I am close to signing with his company just working out the details).  For additional details on his management company visit  great website with lots of good information including a link to Chubby’s blog.  You can follow Cubby on twitter @chubby6665 .  

1.       Favorite golf course?
Too many to mention, but Pine Valley and Royal Birkdale would be up there plus some in the Middle East and particularly Dubai and Turkey.

2.     I know nothing about Cricket, how big is the sport internationally? 
 It was a toss-up for me between golf and cricket because I enjoyed both and I still love to watch cricket.  The English game is played internationally and mainly where there has been a historical connection to Britain including Australia, South Africa, India, West Indies, New Zealand.  My American friends still can't get their heads round why Test matches are played over five days and sometimes you don't get a result.

3.     Practice round playing partners when you played on the Euro Tour? 
 I had quite a few, but mostly with the likes of those I first represented once I retired - Derrick Cooper, Denis Durnian, Phil Harrison, and Carl Mason plus David Jones.

4.    You debuted the same year Seve did on the Euro Tour, did you know then that he was someone special?  
I actually made my European Tour debut in the same 1974 Italian Open that Steve made his first start.   Our paths went in different directions after that, but it was obvious right from the first time I saw him that he had a very special talent.

5.     You represent Clarke and Westwood, but it seems like it’s more of a friendship than business relationship, true?
 Darren and Lee joined within a year or so of one another.  They became good friends with me and one another fairly quickly and it extends to this day.

6.    Playing the Euro tour back in the day had to be a blast.  Any good stories that you want to share about your experience?  
It was probably more of a blast for me than it should have been, but they were great times and I made many good friends who remain so today.   If you have a month to spare I can tell you all the stories, but there are too many for here. (ok I’ll fly over and spent a month hanging out).  But I do have bragging rights over Darren and Lee in one respect, because of all their many wins throughout the world none has come in South America. 

7.     IMO Westwood has made one the greatest comebacks from the depths of the professional golfing life that few could fight all the way back from.  Anything particular Lee did to bounce back?  
All golfers suffer slumps at stages in their career and Lee is no exception.   It says everything about his character and dedication that he worked on every aspect of his game and bounced back bigger and better - eventually deposing Tiger Woods as world number one.

8.     Your top 3 keys to being a successful agent/businessman?
 Attention to detail, attention to detail, attention to detail.

9.    When, if ever, you decide to retire what does it look like?  You don’t seem like one to sit still long.   
Retirement isn't something I have given a great deal of thought to, but when it comes I can see myself laying on a beach with a sea breeze cocktail in one hand and the Racing Post in the other followed by visits to Test matches and St. Andrews for the Dunhill Links.

10.Number of languages you speak?
Only English, but I can order from a menu in a few others.

11.    Life motto?
Learn from history, but look forward not back.

12.  You can pick one guy to make a 12’ putt on 18 at Augusta to win the Jacket who you picking?
Up to six years ago it would have been Tiger, but now probably Jordan Spieth.

13.  Assuming you played Augusta, favorite hole?
 Had the honour and pleasure of playing there in 1992.  There are many great holes, but the short 12th is extra special.

14. Toughest decision you’ve made in your life?
 It's a very long list and they don't get any easier, but deciding between cricket and golf would be up there.

15.  You get one final round of golf to play what course you picking?
I'd actually want to play 18 holes on 18 different courses taking in all the continents.

16. Strongest part of your game during playing days?
It certainly wasn't my putting, but chipping was my strength when I first joined the European Tour.

17.  Favorite city in the world?
 Once again, too many to mention, but London, New York, Dubai, Cape Town, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Sydney would definitely be in the top 10.

18.  In your opinion what should the European Tour do to keep players from heading to the PGA Tour?  
I don't think you'll ever stop players heading to America because there are so many very big events there.  What the European Tour is doing is trying to make as many events as possible more attractive to play in by increasing prize funds.

19. Does Tiger win another major?
Never say never with Tiger

20.                      Advice to a young European pro trying to make a living playing?
Practice, practice, practice

21.  How often do you play nowadays?
Once a blue moon, but always the Dunhill Links.

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